INEEDAIR is an animal cruelty free company. This means we will never use animal-derived materials such as leather, animal glue, fur or any other product coming from animal origins.

These values are part of our DNA and are an important part in our design and production process.

The impact of our packaging on nature has to be as minimal as possible. This is why we only work with FSC-certified or recycled packaging materials where available.

Unfortunately, a minimum amount of plastic is being used in our shipping materials in order to make sure our products are not damaged during transport. This is why we're actively working on a solution to only use recycled plastics where possible.  

As a company we find it is our responsibility to put our profit back into society. One way of doing this, is by donating 5% of our profit towards a Belgian registered charity. At the moment these charities are Hand in Hand (anti-racism organization) and Cavaria (LGBTQ+ organization).

The founders of INEEDAIR feel a strong connection to music, arts, creative entrepreneurs and technology. We want to support these groups and broadcast their message into the world. A monthly part of our advertising budget will be used to showcase them to all of our channels.